Jennifer Reed || Singer || 21 || Available || Miley Cyrus

Her Story

→ Jennifer is one of the celebrities who was born into fame. Her mom was a world known model and her dad was an actor who won many awards. She learned from a young age that the paparazzi would do anything for a good story, make up lies, yell insults at you to get a bad reaction, crowd and follow you, and so much more. When she was younger she didn’t mind or understand it, but when she was 12, a pap yelled something about her mom to her dad and it hurt Jennifer’s feelings. From that day on she never listened to what the paps had to say. She would listen to music when going out in public or yell back at them, not caring what everyone else would think. When Jennifer turned 18 she wanted to let herself grow up. She let her good girl image fade and started acting out too show everyone she’s growing up and they need to accept that. Wearing sexier clothing, more adult-like pictures and music videos, and acting more mature, Jennifer knows how to handle the fame and everything that comes with it.


→ Jennifer is kind and caring to everyone expect the paparazzi. The only time she’s a bitch is when you’ve done her wrong. She can also be described as a party animal and fun girl to be around.


→ Jennifer Reed may or may not be dating Josh Henderson. The two have been hanging out a lot lately, but neither has answered the question. Could they be Hollywood’s hottest new couple?

 Jennifer Reed announces new album “Animal” will have many other artists feauted, including Juliet Anderson and Alex Sterling. 

Twitter World

→ @jenreed: new single coming out soon! are you ready?

→ @jenreed:  mixtapes are great for parties #justsaying


→ Jennifer has a short temper that she got from her father.

→ Is secretly dating actor Josh Henderson.

→ Throws the best parties that no one knows about unless they’re invited.


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